The Ultimate Kitchen Garden: With Mark Diacono & Lia Leendertz

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The Ultimate Kitchen Garden: With Mark Diacono & Lia Leendertz

Sat Sep 7

Time: 10:00 - 16:30


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Mark and Lia are perhaps uniquely placed to share a day of ideas, practicalities and inspiration to help you create your own ultimate kitchen garden. Having led the garden team at River Cottage and established the ground breaking Otter Farm, Mark knows all there is to know about the best of the familiar, the finest forgotten flavours and the most delicious unusual edibles, while Lia is a long standing allotmenter and gardener who has explored the breadth of kitchen gardens of all scales in all their diverse wonder.  Both will share their expertise in a day dedicated to flavour and beauty. They’ll help you choose what to grow, introduce you to some exciting plants with incredible flavours and share ideas from some of the many fabulous kitchen gardens around the country. There will be unfamiliar plants to see, different flavours to try and if you laugh in all the right places you might just get a garden cocktail taster or two. Whether you are a beginner or someone looking to take their garden to another level, whether you have acres or just a few square yards, this inspirational day is for you.

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